The MMRG lab is located in room 6040 of the MH Wong Building.  Each researcher has access to their own desktop computer, and two linux workstations are available for prototyping and post-processing (Debian linux).  Additionally, two laser printers and a shared Windows desktop (with a scanner and graphics software) are provided.


Each researcher is allocated office space apart from the lab research area for private study.  Four laptops with wireless connectivity are available for use during research-related travel.

Computer Room

The MMRG computer room (Wong 6020) has 5 computational servers (Debian linux) with a maximum capacity of 26x1U servers.  The computational servers are AMD Opteron-based with a grand total of 40 cores, 320GB of RAM, and 7.5TB of storage (RAID5). In addition to these resources, we also have access to the CLUMEQ supercomputing facility, located on ETS campus.


McGill site licenses are available for standard office software in addition to other open-source alternatives such as the Open Office suite.

Computational software on linux-based machines includes:

– General math and post-processing: Matlab (site-licensed), Octave, GMV, and Wolfram Mathematica (campus agreement license).

– Finite element: Comsol Multiphysics (single research license), LibMesh.

– Ab-initio and Molecular Dynamics: CPMD, SIESTA, VASP, and LAMMPS (GNU public license).

-Data visualization software: MOLDEN, VMD (UIUC Open Source License), and MAYAVI.

-Analysis: MDAnalysis ( GNU General Public License, version 2)

– Scientific Computing libraries: PETSc and GSL (GNU Scientific Library)

– Message Passing: OpenMPI.